Sean Jones


Tuesday Tip: Lesson preparation

Here's a quick tip Tuesday Tip regarding lesson preparation...

It's simple... A lesson is only going to be as good as your preparation for it... Often times, students enter lessons feeling as if it is their instructors job to teach them everything there is to know about a certain etude, tune, exercise, etc... not realizing that this is almost impossible for even the greatest pedagog to achieve in a finite space of time... That being said... if you wish to maximize your lesson... time with your teacher, it's best that you get the basic nuts and bolts out of the way before the lesson takes place so that you and your instructor can get to advanced concepts faster...

Far too often, instructors waste time teaching notes, reminding folks about crescendo's... teaching musical terms...etc that students can take care of before they get to their lesson. THEN suddenly.. the half an hour or hour is gone and the student finds themselves reviewing things that they could've on their own... leaving frustrated.


Lay the ground work for a successful lesson by giving your instructor or teacher something to work with. Remember: You're in the drivers seat! Your instructor is a tour guide! If you want to maximize the journey... make sure there's gas in the car, engine checked, wind shield wipers working... etc...before the journey begins...or you'll spend the entire trip at the service station! #Doyojob #shed Berklee College of Music Brass Department