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Tip Tuesday Tip: "Where do I start?

Today's Tip Tuesday Tip: "Where do I start?"

This is a question I'm asked often and I've come up with a variety of answers over the years... However, I think there's only one real answer to this...

You start at the beginning... YOUR beginning.

Everyone has a unique starting point. We're all different and are on different journeys. In fact, we've all come to our profession, career, passion many different ways. Some folks, like me started with Gospel music..others, blues, jazz......etc... However, paths have intersected, knowledge gained, knowledge expanded...

I think the key is to start at your unique beginning... then make steps... deliberate steps along the way while being open to what comes your way.

So, pick up that etude book, that recording, learn that tune, learn that set of chords... grab that instrument... And, start with whats in front of you. Don't worry... you won't miss anything. The first scale I ever learned was a Db pentatonic scale because that's what key was used in church... At some point, I got around to the Bb scale!

All this being said, know that general knowledge comes in many variances of thought... Truth comes in many ways... Just start with the way the truth is presented to YOU! Then, walk into that truth.

Your first step is uniquely yours, starting you on your unique path to uniquely shape the world around you!

"A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step" Lao Tzu


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