Sean Jones


"The trumpet is the mirror of the mind."

"The trumpet is the mirror of the mind." This is a quote that I've heard time and time again from Prof. Fielder. The quote has new meaning for me today as I was explaining to a student the importance of having have a "sound that is so clear that it doesn't distort the musical imagery you wish to be reflected in it". I told the student to imagine your sound being a mirror... Reflecting the emotional content of the melody and its "intent". I then told him to imagine that mirror... having streaks in it, distorting the "imagery" that is to be conveyed by the melody! Brass players, this is why we play long tones, do flow studies, painstakingly EVERY day! Your trumpet sound is the mirror that reflects the beauty of your musical thoughts! If your mirror is distorted, has streaks, or is unclear... then your musical ideas, melodies, and ultimately musician projection is the same!