Sean Jones



Had to say this... I just "heard/saw" a teacher online basically taking credit for a former students success.


Couple thoughts on this:

1. That student would have likely been successful with or without you... you just happen to be a pit stop along that students journey.

2. Don't seek accolades or awards for stuff YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO!

3. Be thankful that the universe allowed you to be at the right place at the right time to help someone out.

4. Allow what you actually teach and it's outcomes to determine "successes"... not your words.

5. By claiming some and not others based on your idea of success, you devalue the relationships of those that haven't reached what you deem to be successful..

Ok... that's more than a couple... but, being on both sides... I've never heard any of my former teachers take credit for my success... nor do I take credit for any of my students! It's been a great honor and privilege to work with every last one of them and I'm truly thankful to have been lucky enough to meet them along their journey.