Sean Jones


My Trip to Haiti

This weekend, I traveled to Haiti for the first time. I didn't make it a big social media thing as I wanted the experience to be "untainted" and unclouded by the need to instagram, FB or tweet every moment that I experienced. I simply wanted to live the experience and take it in completely through the lenses of my own eyes and not a screen.

To say that my life has been changed is an understatement. The people, the music, the soul of Haiti is something that all should experience. Over the years, so many lies and untruths have been told to me about this countries culture, ranging from religion to their basic humanity, that I am reminded again that you truly have to experience something for yourself to get its truth for yourself.

Without going on a huge spiel, I have to say that we in the U.S. Have NO IDEA how fortunate we are. As I travel to certain places, I'm reminded that much of what I own/have is completely meaningless and what I think that I "need" is a frivolous "want" at best, and that I've been conditioned to believe it to be a "necessity". Haiti, thank you for reminding me yet again, as I've been reminded in other places like Caracas, São Paulo, Senegal, and yes, some places in the states and many others...that a simpler life with "less" allows more of what is real to occupy the spaces that are void in your soul.

Thank you John Bern and my new musical family in Haiti for your spirit, love and humanity!