Sean Jones


On Forgiveness..


Last night, the band performed a piece that was written about one of the most profound aspects of love... Forgiveness.

When I originally wrote it, I was in a lot of pain and questioned whether or not love was even "worth it" or why even bother with it? Usually forgiveness is about forgiving someone that has hurt you or done wrong by you... last night, I was reminded that sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself...

On this Sunday, I wanted to share ...this tune with you all... Whether you're struggling with forgiving someone else or yourself... remember this... Life is short! We are human... we error... many times (maybe most of the time) not intending to hurt anyone. We all navigate through this life trying to get close to love... feel love... find happiness, acceptance, and peace. During the process, we often stumble! I hope that whatever you're dealing with, you find the strength to not only forgive others... but yourself!

Brian Hogans: Alton
Orrin Evans: Piano
Cory Henry: Organ
Luques Curtis: Bass
Obed Calvaire: Drums